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515Re: Teaching Morse Code to Scout Troop

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  • Cedric Walker
    Oct 2, 2001
      --- In scoutradio@y..., ka6bsa@y... wrote:
      > Does anyone have any suggestions?

      To begin with, keep it short, keep it simple, make it fun.

      In 30 or 60 minutes you can't teach all the letters, as has been
      pointed out. Start with the simple stuff... the ones the ARRL code
      tapes begin with. But don't use the ARRL's (boring) words and
      sentences. Appeal to the boys' base instincts.

      Once the boys in our Webelos den figured out that I was
      sending "TEN RATS ASSES IN TAR" and similar appealing phrases, they
      perked up and were attentive to every letter!

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