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513Re: [scoutradio] Teaching Morse Code to Scout Troop

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  • Ray Brown
    Oct 1, 2001
      > From: Bob Bruninga <bruninga@...>
      > > Our troop has a camping trip planned and the
      > younger boys want to
      > > have a "signaling" activity using Morse code with
      > flashlights at
      > > night. None of the them (or the adult leaders)
      > know the code...
      > > Does anyone have any suggestions?

      I'm in favor of the CodeQuick (c) method myself. Get'm to do those sound-alikes and reinforce it with a key and oscillator.

      Catch-it-catch-it pay-day-to-day Dog-did-it Eek Kang-a-roo Bang-rat-a-tat ought-ought-ought-ought-ought Ssss-Ssss-Ssss
      Tall Naa-tzi Kang-a-roo. :-)

      _Ray_ KB0STN
      DA, Den 3, Pack 77
      Ozarks Trail Council, Joplin, MO
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