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4551Re: [ScoutRadio] Blinker Morse App

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  • n5gui
    Aug 7, 2014

      Thank you, and all the others for the many replies.

      If there is some interest in developing a new App that would focus on Scout activities, I would be interested in discussing what features are practical an desirable.

      Since there seems to be some stand alone Apps that can send Morse by using the touch screen, the focus might be on the receiving end, and/or an App to interface with external hardware for a demonstration over a much longer range than just in a room.  Maybe for a tablet rather than a phone:  a web cam mounted to a telescope for the receive side, and a "sender" that takes audio tone from the device and sends out a pulsed light beam ( so that visual Morse as well as FSK and PSK can be sent ). 

      A phone App seems like the perfect way to demonstrate the idea in a troop meeting, then build up equipment to use in the field -  across a lake or between buildings.

      Light communication can be used to demonstrate lots of communications technology without the need to have the participants get a license.  Even showing the limitations of the light systems can be used as a stepping stone into amateur radio.

      Thank you all again



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