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4540Re: [ScoutRadio] Blinker Morse App

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  • Robert Bruninga
    Aug 5, 2014
      The allowance of smartphones at camp raises a great troop project.

      That is, a solar panel with multiple USB charge ports.  Trivial to build.

      Every troop needs one.  Put it in the sun, everyone gets a charge.
      Can somone summarize how many amps each USB should provide for how long per cell phone?  I remember the initial USB was 500 mA?  Or was it 100 mA?  What are they now?

      PS. power can be significantly increased over a flat panel because a scout can reorient the panel to the sun every 2 hours or so...

      Bob, WB4APR

      On Tue, Aug 5, 2014 at 10:39 AM, n5gui@... [ScoutRadio] <ScoutRadio@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a cell phone App that would send out blinking light Morse code?  It would be similar to the flashlight App that is commonly used.

      And on the flip side, I thought that if a cell phone camera App can decode QR codes and product bar codes, could it also translate blinking light Morse?

      I sure this sound like a really weird idea ( Like REALLY WEIRD ), but I just spent a week at Philmont for a STEM conference, and we got to play with some really, really cool stuff.  What got me thinking about cell phone Apps were two projects.  One was a set of QR codes used at exhibits at a STEM summer camp.  And before anybody asks, yes, the Scouts were actually encouraged to bring, and use, their cell phones as part of the program activities.

      The other was not a Scout project at all, but rather an effort to provide low cost microscopes for medical diagnosis of diseases in underdeveloped countries.  They are printed onto plastic ( like heavy paper or card stock ), scored to be punched out almost like paper dolls, and folded together ( high tech origami ).  We had prototypes of a lower magnification version, used cell phones to illuminate the specimen slides ( glass slides are standard, and are cheap enough to meet the goals of providing low cost, but effective medical equipment ).  It was not include in the presentation we were given, but since our group had more than one cell phone per microscope, we managed to take pictures of the specimens through the 'scope as well.

      I thought that since there are already Apps to convert audio Morse and PSK to text, then it should less complex of an App to send blinking light Morse.  I am not sure you could blink the light fast enough to generate FSK or PSK, but it would not be a limit of the cell phone processor.  Even so, it would be a small modification of the light communication demonstration that I use to convert PSK audio from a cell phone into a modulated light beam.

      Does anybody know of Apps like any of this weird stuff?   Or even better, Scouts that would like to develop something along these lines to be used in technical demonstrations to promote STEM?

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