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4494Re: [ScoutRadio] Free software for logging JOTA contacts

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  • Frank Heritage
    Oct 15 11:07 AM
      Hi Marc,
      Yes, I use version 5... it does everything I need! Although there is the trial avaialble for 6, I don't want to end up with files I can't use once the trial ends, and I'm not about to spend the money on 6 copies of Version 6 for all our radio positions at JOTA... I don't knoiw if there is a multi station version, but I;ve certainly not seen one!

      As I said... V5 does everything I need and never had any issues with it!

      Hope to see you over JOTA!
      De Frank M0AEU,
      GB2GP - Gilwell Park Scout Activity Centre JOTA 2013

      On Tue, Oct 15, 2013 at 4:54 PM, Marc Elvery <marc@...> wrote:

      Version 6 is paid version (trial available)


      Marc, PE2DOC

      P.S. I will be online/onair as PA75WDZ from JO21IT during JOTA-JOTI

      Op 15 okt. 2013, om 17:48 heeft Frank Heritage <frank@...> het volgende geschreven:

      Hi Ray,
      At Gilwell Park,  GB2GP, we're using Ham Radio Deluxe on all the machines, all linked to a central HRD logbook. After the event this allows me to analyse the contacts made by country, locator square etc... I use some of the user defined fields to record Scout details of the station at the other end... If we remember to log in correctly when we start a spell of operating (we have about 10 operators!) then the log also records who made the contact at our end as well...

      Hope this helps... do look out for us on the bands - we should be a reasonable signal!  ;-)

      Best regards
      Frank , M0AEU
      JOTA/JOTI @ Gilwell Park Activity Centre  2013 - GB2GP

      On Tue, Oct 15, 2013 at 4:41 PM, Raymond Knapp Jr <rlknappjr@...>wrote:

      Hi all


      What software are stations using to record the JOTA contacts?  I am need to do something to keep track of all of the contacts.


      Ray Knapp



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