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4184Re: JOTA assistance requested in Canton, TX

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  • n5dgh
    Oct 8, 2012
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      Thanks Dale,
      Canton is in Van Zandt County within the NTX Section of WGD ARRL. Here in West Gulf Division, we have a Division Asst Dir - Radio Scouting and four Section Asst. Mgr - Radio Scouting. I serve as the WTX ASM - Radio Scouting. I am forwarding this request to our NTX ASM -Radio Scouting and WGD ADD - Radio Scouting for review, along with copying the sender with all e-mail addresses in the clear so they may take care of their business.
      Note for Dale: I will be competing on the Croton Creek chuck wagon at the Lincoln Cowboy Symposium and Cook-Off in Ruidoso, NM this weekend.
      Leland Fellows, N5DGH
      WTX ASM - Radio Scouting

      --- In ScoutRadio@yahoogroups.com, "Dale Lamm" <DaleLamm@...> wrote:
      > All hams in 5-land.....
      > I received this note from an organizer of a Dutch Oven cook-off to be held
      > in Canton, Texas on JOTA weekend. The organizer sent the note through the
      > Canton, Ohio amateur radio club by mistake. He is looking for hams to set up
      > a JOTA station at their communitity event.
      > [pasted]
      > I am working with a group that is putting on a huge gathering of
      > Dutch Oven Cooks and a competition in October 19-21 at the Canton Civic
      > Center. As I am sure you are aware the 20th is the annual Scout Jamboree
      > on the Air. We have a few troops signed up for the gathering. I was
      > wondering if a member of your club might be interested in setting up a
      > station so that the scouts participating in the gathering might also
      > have a chance to participate in JOTA. You would be welcome to set up a
      > full tilt booth to advertise your club and/or the ARRL if you would like
      > to. If you have any questions feel free to ask them I will do my best to
      > answer them
      > Thanks
      > Fritz Ramsey
      > fritz@...
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