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3803Re: [ScoutRadio] Scout Camps on the Air (SCOTA) Award

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  • Walter Underwood
    Apr 30, 2011
      Thank you, excellent work.

      In California, I do not think that Camp Mirimichi has been in operation as an independent camp for quite a while, probably a decade or more.

      Camp Kern operates an outpost program at the former Mirimichi site, but that is part of the Kern program.

      There are three Scout camps on the south shore of Huntington Lake, from west to east: Kern, Oljato, and Mirimichi. Our council's summer camp is Camp Oljato, so I have spent a some time looking across the cove at the quiet shore of the Mirimichi side.

      This page lists "Kern and Mirimichi" and explains the program: http://www.sscbsa.org/councilcamps/campsincalifornia.php

      I don't think that any of Pacific Skyline's camps have ever been on the air (Boulder Creek, Cutter, and Oljato). Camp Cutter is near the top of the coast range, bounded by state parks on two sides, which should keep the RFI down. Sound like an excellent JOTA-expedition site. Hmm.

      I would like the lists in a form other than PDF. A big comma-separated-values file would be just fine. Maybe we could contribute grid squares and lat-lon for the camps.

      Walter Underwood
      Venture ASM, Troop 14, Palo Alto

      On Apr 30, 2011, at 5:43 PM, ab5eb wrote:


      Hey guys,

      After much discussion and work we are getting close to announcing a new award designed to increase interest in the general ham population in talking to Scout Camps. The website is www.scota.us it is not finished yet but I would like feedback. In particular you will find a directory with camps. I would like to know corrections that need to be done.

      Also if you know of a camp station callsign please let me know and I will add it to the list. If you are interested in being more involved just email me and I will add you to our yahoo group for SCOTA.


      Mike AB5EB

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