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3799Re: [ScoutRadio] Re: A new camp ham station

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  • Dale Lamm
    Apr 24, 2011
      Agree with your thoughts on PSK31. Some Scouts are mike-shy, but have no
      problem at all using a keyboard. Some are also fascinated with the original
      digital mode pioneered by Mr. Morse.

      "Texting the world", now that's a good explanation!

      73 de Dale


      Dale, I'm also happy to hear about your activity with the new scouting ham
      station. We are working to expand our camp station coverage in the Circle 10
      Council in the Dallas / Fort Worth area of Texas. I have two sons in
      scouting, a Star & Life, and they are both impressed by PSK31 since the boys
      equate digital modes like PSK31 with "texting the world". I think digital
      modes are a great way to interest modern day youth in hamming and help grow
      our ranks.


      Grant Laughlin

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