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3539Re: [ScoutRadio] Winter camporee station

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  • Dale Lamm
    Jan 6, 2010

      I have not done any digital modes on radio and am looking for info on the to
      present to the scouts. Any suggestions would be a big help.



      You'll likely hear many ideas. Lots of experienced folk in this group.

      Morse key and even a keyboard driven generator (a program on a laptop?) are
      good ways to get their attention. PSK demo works too. ARRL has some good
      handout stuff, "We Do That" brochure as well as others. I usually request a
      hundred or so at the start of summer visitation season, then send ARRL a
      donation. Try to get a helper or two, just to save your vocal cords. Be
      upbeat and inviting, tell adults how technology skills will benefit the
      youth. Winter campout? Propane stove and cocoa are appreciated and gets the
      visitors to linger. If you have a helper, consider giving out and scoring a
      few of the shorter Radio Merit Badge requirements. Give the Scout a head
      start on this badge and he may finish it up "back home". I usually give a
      signed note to the Scout that he can take back to his MB counselor.

      73 de Dale
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