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3537Winter camporee station

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  • JRK
    Jan 6, 2010
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      Hi all
      Old Capitol Valley District will be holding a winter
      camporee Jan. 30 & 31 in Coralville Iowa.

      We will be setting up a radio station for our scouts to
      come in and discover ham radio.
      We will have an HF station on 20 meters working around
      14.290. We also hope to have an echolink station running
      and a 2 meter rig scanning the local repeaters.
      Call sign will be KB0GVI

      We will have some code sheets and keys there for the
      scouts to play with, also info on test requirements, and
      inexpensive ways to get on the air.

      We also plan on having a few stories of hams in action, ie
      the Iowa City tornado of a few years ago and the flooding
      in Cedar Rapids. Along with this I am going to have
      contact info for the local clubs.

      I have not done any digital modes on radio and am looking
      for info on the to present to the scouts. Any suggestions
      would be a big help.
      Thanks and '73s
      Jeff KB0GVI
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