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3211Re: antenna mounted on sand

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  • rahwayflynn
    Jan 1, 2009
      For sand camping, I use AA15 anchors for the tent and fly. The vendor
      is http://www.creativeshelters.com They also make a version with a
      higher pullout rating, the AA30.

      Seems a bipod at each end with an end guy should be easy to rig, with
      PVC pipe or wooden staves. Place an end guy in line with the antenna
      to a screw in anchor as above.

      Give the scouts the above stuff and let them figure it out.

      --- In ScoutRadio@yahoogroups.com, "n5gui" <n5gui@...> wrote:
      > Maybe some Scouts would find it an interesting challenge to set up a
      > HAM station on a beach. I am focusing on the antenna supports, so
      > here is what I suggest: Three 30 foot poles to support a dipole at
      > least 100 feet long. If you want a little more challenge, use
      > schedule 40 PVC pipe as the primary material. It should be less
      > expensive to work with, and a little more forgiving of bends or
      > drops. The skill and equipment needed to build the antenna supports
      > should be within the capabilities of most Scouts.
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