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2988JOTA Badge Blankets stolen

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  • Frank Krizan
    Aug 11, 2008
      I'm posting this from the JOTASkedBook. Announcement about theft of JOTA patches.
      Please contact Jochen directly if you have any info regarding this theft.

      de KR1ZAN


      Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2008 14:54:54 +0000
      From: "jochensulovsky" <J.Sulovsky@...>
      Subject: [JOTAskedbook] JOTA Badge Blankets stolen
      To: JOTAskedbook@yahoogroups.com
      Hello Scouts...

      During the last night of the Jamboree in Ireland someone is stolen my
      Radio scouting and JOTA Badges collection.
      This are about 300 rare Badges. Many of you know this collection.
      In Ireland at the last day of the Jamboree the most of the scouts
      where schocked, that anybody stolen a collection of a Scout...
      They are doing here many,but till now there is no luck.
      please have a eye open for me, when any Scout want to sell many JOTA
      badges or show a big JOTA collection.
      Next monday I will send you a mail with a picture of this blanket.
      When you want to see which badges are on this blanket you can see it
      under www.radio-scouting.de/badges .
      PLEASE help me that this thief had no fun with this collection.
      The police here in Ireland knows allready about this problem and will
      also look for them.
      I think also many scout here in Ireland.
      Many thanks for help...

      Jochen DK8ZM