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247Re: [scoutradio] FRS Radios

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  • Ray Vaughan
    Sep 6, 2000
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      A couple other things happening recently in FRS...

      There are now 'base stations' available. Basically a desk mount FRS radio. No external antenna, so not much gain there.

      RS has a new 'mobile' FRS radio. The guts sit on the roof under the antenna, so they're okay when it comes to the no-detachable antenna rule.

      There are some GMRS handheld radios out now that claim to be FRS radios. Legally they need to be licensed, but I'm afraid no one will bother and we'll end up with a lot of high power FRS users.

      The 'dot' style radios are about to become legal to use without a license. They're available in both VHF and UHF. The law isn't out yet, but it has been passed. This would give you a higher power alternative, maybe for the administration at a camp.

      Lots of things happening lately. If you're not in it already, you might want to join the FRS mailing list at e-groups.

      At 10:37 PM 9/6/00 -0400, you wrote:

      > For your voice comms in-and-around your APRS event, I just noticed that
      > R.S has their #21-1810 FRS radios on clearance sale for $20 each:
      > Full .5W HT's
      > 14 Channels
      > 38 CTCSS Tones
      > 10 CALL Tones
      > And run on 3 AA batteries for 25 Hours.
      > Being replaced by #21-1813 for $80 which LOOKS IDENTICAL and have all
      > IDENTICAL SPECS. Only problem I can find with the $20 one is that the
      > screw on battery cover takes a LOT of fiddling to get off. Of the 22 FRS
      > I have bought so far for scouts and family, this is the best deal to date.
      > I prefer the AA batteries too for the higher life/$$$ ratio.
      > Bob

      Ray J. Vaughan, MS, CBTE, CERT
      KD4BBM PG-7-15266
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