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246FRS Radios

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  • Neil Lauritsen, W4NHL
    Sep 6, 2000
      For your voice comms in-and-around your APRS event, I just noticed that
      R.S has their #21-1810 FRS radios on clearance sale for $20 each:

      Full .5W HT's
      14 Channels
      38 CTCSS Tones
      10 CALL Tones
      And run on 3 AA batteries for 25 Hours.

      Being replaced by #21-1813 for $80 which LOOKS IDENTICAL and have all
      IDENTICAL SPECS. Only problem I can find with the $20 one is that the
      screw on battery cover takes a LOT of fiddling to get off. Of the 22 FRS
      I have bought so far for scouts and family, this is the best deal to date.
      I prefer the AA batteries too for the higher life/$$$ ratio.

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