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239Re: [scoutradio] JOTA questions

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  • Jay Chamberlain
    Aug 2, 2000
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      JOTA 1990 is why I became a ham in 1992. I have taken part, in one way
      or another in every JOTA since. I find just CQing JOTA is enough to ID your
      station as taking part in JOTA, I have always used my home call.
      It may be to late, but as an adult scouter and if you are a General
      (keep studying) or above you can apply to use K2BSA/?. I have done that
      several times for camporees and scout shows and it is a lot of fun to use
      the call. Call the international branch at BSA HQ Irving, TX. they can put
      you in contact with the trustee.
      With all the new 1x1 call signs maybe one of the S calls might still be
      available ie W1S, W2S, K4S....... S for Scout.......
      Some operating ideas..... have a couple of printed sheets with the
      phonetic alphabet on them including your call sign spelled out phonetically.
      Q signals list used for phone ops, a 24"x36" or similar size US and or world
      map so your kids can color in the states/countries they work.

      My thoughts..... have a great time and let the boys operate.

      Jay AE4MK Trustee K3FBI
      ASM Troop 170
      Fredericksburg, VA

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      From: R. Neil Brock <kd4umq@...>
      To: <scoutradio@egroups.com>
      Sent: Tuesday, August 01, 2000 9:36 PM
      Subject: [scoutradio] JOTA questions

      > Hello all,
      > I have been asked to coordinate a JOTA station for our local scouts
      > of all ages.
      > I am lucky to have a couple of Generals helping,(I am a
      > tech,diligently studying though)because my HF experience is very
      > limited. But they have never participated in a JOTA.
      > My question is: How do we go about identifying our station on the
      > air? Do we need to put in for a special event call or what?
      > More questions sure to follow.
      > YIS,
      > R. Neil Brock
      > Asst. Cubmaster, Pack 574
      > Mocksville, NC
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