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238Re: [scoutradio] JOTA questions

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  • Milt Forsberg
    Aug 1, 2000
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      You normally will use the call of one of the operators. No special call
      is needed, however, if the operator wants to apply for one of the special
      event calls, it might be granted. There are lots of units on the air, so
      probably the special event call won't be granted for that purpose. The
      operator can just use his call and announce he is operating JOTA. During
      that weekend, JOTA stations are easy to spot, due to the nature of the
      conversations. The whole operation is informal.

      Milt Forsberg, K9QZI
      Champaign, IL

      On Wed, 2 Aug 2000, R. Neil Brock wrote:

      > Hello all,
      > I have been asked to coordinate a JOTA station for our local scouts
      > of all ages.
      > I am lucky to have a couple of Generals helping,(I am a
      > tech,diligently studying though)because my HF experience is very
      > limited. But they have never participated in a JOTA.
      > My question is: How do we go about identifying our station on the
      > air? Do we need to put in for a special event call or what?
      > More questions sure to follow.
      > YIS,
      > R. Neil Brock
      > Asst. Cubmaster, Pack 574
      > Mocksville, NC
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