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2285Re: [ScoutRadio] RE: Lessons Learned?

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  • frank@fmaynard.com
    Nov 2, 2006
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      Barry brings up a good point with the CW decoder. I never thought I'd use
      one because I don't need it, but it would be a great way to illustrate
      what they are sending. I worked several stations on CW, a couple with Cub
      Scouts sitting next to me, and was telling them what the other op was
      sending. Unfortunately, I can't very well send and talk at the same time
      (no multithreading in that brain process!) so had to wait until the end
      of the exchange before I could explain.

      We had four stations and four antennas running: (a) 40m phone with a
      dipole; (b) 20m SSTV with a screwdriver-type antenna; (c) 20m phone and CW
      with a wire vertical; (d) multiband phone, mostly on 15, with an
      Outbacker-type antenna mounted on top of a playstructure. (We were at a
      city park with nice picnic shelters, but no water or bathroom facilities,
      yikes!). Small numbers of scouts, maybe 20 or so, but we put a good
      number of them on the air. Not much else in the way of displays other than
      maps and the standard array of ARRL literature.

      It would have been nice to be able to run the event at our Council camp,
      but they would have charged us to use the facility - even a picnic
      shelter, thus we have to seek out what we can get for free.

      Frank Maynard, NF8M
      MC, Troop 407; CR, Pack 54; District Cub Training Chair & Roundtable Staff
      ...and a good old Bobwhite too! (C-23-04)
      Mighty Ottawa District, Clinton Valley Council
      Novi, Michigan
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