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1795Successful Merit Badge Campout

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  • Frank Maynard
    Apr 11, 2006
      Troop 407 conducted a successful radio merit badge class at our campout
      last weekend, with help from Troop 172's KE8HR. We had 13 scouts (and some
      of the adults) sit through the class, and three scouts completed all the
      requirements that day. The rest are most of the way there and we'll finish
      up their undone items in the coming week or two.

      Documents in the files section of this forum were of tremendous help in
      running the class. I used the instructor's manual as a guide and assembled
      the workbooks from the student worksheets. Included in the workbooks were
      publications on Scouting and Ham Radio and information for new hams from
      ARRL, electrical safety booklets from the local utility, and my eyeball
      QSL. We hung the posters from the K2BSA Jamboree RMB class around the
      room, along with a spectrum chart and the ARRL world and NA maps. We had a
      HF station (100w xcvr to a G5RV), a 2 meter FM station and a 2/440
      handheld. HF wasn't as active as I would have liked, and the boys only
      made a couple QSOs that way, but we made some over 2 meters as well.
      Outside of the class I worked several stations QRP and a few others on the
      100w rig including some CW, which fascinated the boys. We tried an ATV
      demo on 440 with a friend but just couldn't receive his signal from 25+
      miles away.

      The better news is that at least three of the boys, maybe more, and a
      couple of the adults are now interested in getting licensed, so I'm
      looking into offering a licensing class. The club I belong to is an ARRL
      VE so we'll easily be able to get them the exam. Hopefully soon we'll have
      some new hams as a result.

      Frank Maynard, NF8M
      CM, Pack 54; MC, Troop 407; District Cub Training Chair & Roundtable Staff
      ...and a good old Bobwhite too! (C-23-04)
      Mighty Ottawa District, Clinton Valley Council
      Novi, Michigan