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  • Gary Wilson
    Dec 5, 2005
      Hi Dan:

      Thanks for getting involved in teaching Amateur Radio to Scouts.
      Two suggestions:

      1. Start by offering a Radio Merit Badge class, not a Tech
      licensing course. The secret to selling anything is to give folks
      what they want, not what you have to sell.

      As an Eagle Scout, you'll understand the appeal of offering a Merit
      Badge first. In the files section of this Yahoo Group, you'll find
      Powerpoint slides for running three one hour sessions (plus an on
      the air contact session ) for Radio MB. It easily makes for a
      monthly program theme for a troop. Do the three classes at troop
      meetings and then make that month's camp out a "mini-Field day" to
      get the Scouts on the air.

      2. Keep things simple and cool at first, not techy and detailed.
      As their interest increases, then move on to teaching a tech course
      with all of the details of rules, sub bands, etc. You can find free
      PowerPoint slides to teach a tech class in six nights at
      http://instructor.n5na.net/ .

      There's also a parallel Yahoo group called ham_instructor to help
      you with this.


      Gary, K2GW
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