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1501Boy Scout K2BSA

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  • ka2bsa
    Jun 11 4:49 AM
      Hello All Hams,

      Just to let you all know that the National Boy Scout Jamboree is
      comming up soon. K2BSA will be operating a special events station at
      the Jambo for the boys. The Jambo is July 25- Aug 3, 2005. They
      be operating on the following HF freqs.
      80 Meters: Phone: 3.940 MHz CW:3.590 MHz
      40 Meters: Phone: 7.290 MHz CW:7.030 MHz
      20 Meters: Phone: 14.290 MHz CW: 14.070 MHz
      15 Meters: Phone: 21.360 MHz CW: 21.140 MHz
      10 Meters: Phone: 28.360 & 28.990 MHz CW: 28.190 MHz

      For more info on the station and the event visit this web site:

      Thanks Ray

      PS Listen to the local trafic net we will be sending trafic home to
      the moms and dads. Also please be ready to handle return traffic
      to the boys at the Jambo.