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1466Re: JOTA and traffic handling

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  • Gary Wilson
    Mar 14, 2005
      --- In ScoutRadio@yahoogroups.com, Al Katzman <woodbadge_owl@y...>
      > The Boy Scout National Jamboree will be passing messages via ham
      radio at the K2BSA demonstration tent. Each night there will be a
      net for just that purpose run by the staff at K2BSA.
      > ke4nps <ke4nps@y...> wrote:
      > Does anyone know if JOTA (sic) will be handling traffic? I would
      like to
      > pass a message to a member of my troop that will be attending the
      > Jamboree while he is up there...

      Actually if you go back in the message archives here in Scoutradio
      on groups.yahoo.com , we had an extensive discussion on how NTS
      traffic can be sent to the Jamboree begining about message number

      Essentially, the Jamboree regularly checks into VA NTS from the
      K2BSA tent and then runs a nightly VHF net to the subcamps (and any
      other scout hams there)

      Here's what I posted a year ago. The important thing is to have
      the Scouts correct JAMBOREE troop number, not his regular home troop


      From: "Gary Wilson" <k2gw@a...>
      Date: Sat Mar 27, 2004 9:20 pm
      Subject: Re: K2BSA Traffic @ Jamboree

      --- In ScoutRadio@yahoogroups.com, Brian Cieslak <k9wis@y...> wrote:
      > This is good information guys..Do the scouts know
      > which sub camp they will be in before they get there?

      I think you missed my message where I stated that the Jamboree
      subcamp is actually the high order digit(s) in the
      special Jamboree troop numbers assigned to each contingent. A scout
      certainly knows his Jamboree Troop number well before he leaves!

      So if a Scout is in Jamboree Troop 612, his subcamp is 6. If he's in
      Jamboree Troop 1563, his subcamp is 15, etc. Each subcamp has less
      than 100 Jamboree Troops.

      > Can you give me an example of a sub camp name?

      They all have a number such as 1, 15 , etc. They sometimes have a
      secondary name that relates to that year's theme, but it's

      > I imagine that a message to the Jamboree would be
      > addressed to
      > <scouts name> AR
      > <troop number> AR
      > <subcamp> AR
      > Fort AP Hill, Va. BT

      Don't forget zipcode is needed for NTS messages via packet.

      I'd suggest this instead from an actual snail mail I sent to my son:

      > Joe Scout
      > Troop <number> Subcamp <number>
      > BSA Jamboree
      , Bowling Green, VA 22428-

      The critical thing is that the parents know to use the *Jamboree*
      Troop number, not the Scout's normal home troop number, which is
      totally useless at the Jamboree.

      For example, although my son's home troop number was 63, when my son
      attended the 1997 BSA National Jamboree, he was in Jamboree Troop
      411. Not coincidentally, Jamboree Troop 411 was located in site 11
      of subcamp 4. And his full mailing zipcode was 22428-0411, so the
      subcamp and troop number were also in the zip plus four!


      Gary, K2GW
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