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1464Re: [Scoutradio] JOTA and traffic handling

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  • wb3lgc@aol.com
    Mar 10, 2005
      In a message dated 3/10/2005 12:53:14 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, k2frd@... writes:
      At 15:48 +0000 10/03/2005, ke4nps wrote:
      >Does anyone know if JOTA will be handling traffic?  I would like to
      >pass a message to a member of my troop that will be attending the
      >Jamboree while he is up there...

      JOTA, per se is not involved in the National Jamboree, but I'm pretty sure NTS traffic will be handled at Ft. A.P Hill. Give me a some time to do some searching on the Jamboree site unless someone already has the details (frequencies, times, modes, etc) handy.
      73 de Fred K2FRD, VO2FS
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      K2BSA/4 will be operating and handling NTS traffic out of and into the Jamboree.  Most traffic will be via packet to the VA system.  I will be part of the demo station but I know from reading my guide book, there will be a large amount of traffic going out.  I would expect you would need name, troop, subcamp #, c/o bsa jamboree, VA.
      I am sure more info will be available as we get closer to the event.
      73, Steve  WB3LGC
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