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  • Eugene Martin
    Feb 2, 2000
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      Our District, Carroll District of the Baltimore Area Council, just had
      their Klondike Derby on January 22nd. Not being a very active or
      technical HAM, I'm going to have to ask some very basic questions.

      You wrote:

      >Watching the tedious voice reporting of never ending numbers, repeats,

      >no answers, and then being manually entered into a laptop, I thought
      t>here could be an APRS solution...

      >If a station had a THD7, he could just enter a message:

      >NETCON: 14- 134/19 127/15 139/25 167/56 145/09

      >Meaning "Station 14 reporting the following teams and scores: Team 134,
      >points, team 127, 15 points, team 139, 25 points, team 167, 56 points
      and team 145, 9 points."

      >All APRS versions keep log files. These messages could be ingested
      >any spreadsheet program for instant results... with no further operator

      My questions are:

      What does APRS mean?

      What is THD7?

      Gene Martin, KA3PRG
      Carroll District Activities Committee Chairman
      Baltimore Area Council
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