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  • Tom Sharp
    Feb 13, 2004
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      Hello from Arizona,
      Explorer Post 599 has tried different things for Field Day.  We've gone to local clubs FD sites, but found that the youth didn't fit well into the club's intensive FD efforts.  The last few years, we've set up our own FD on the back-porch of a member's cabin in the mountains, and just let the guys have fun.  If they wanted to work hard and go for big scores, great, but if they wanted to sit around and have fun, great.  No pressure.  We had invited others in the past, but now just keep it as a fun weekend for the Post.
      We get the word out about us in many other ways.  We have an info booth at every hamfest.  We're at the Scout-O-Rama.  We try to get to several camporees in the fall.  It's surprising how many camporees are held on JOTA weekend.  We have flyers at our local Ham Radio Outlet and at the Science Center.  And we try to capture any new youth we find on the air.
      The one thing that turned the Post around from "iffy...will it make it" to "active..can't wait to go" has been weekly meetings.  Every Tuesday we have a workshop-type meeting, doing projects, taking stuff apart, getting on the air, etc.  Every fourth Tuesday of the month is our business meeting, where we take care of planning coming events, elections, etc.  In addition to the business portion of the meeting, we have a presentation of some sort.  Last month, US Forest Service came in with their fire and radio gear.  This month we will be planning for our comm role at a weekend long bike rally in March.
      We are currently building a couple of repeaters, making collinear antennas (in Dec we made portable J-poles).  Plus we are helping about five guys get their tech licenses.
      Also, we have a repeater where the youth hang out and can behave as youth.  And an email reflector where we pass info and have fun.  We're helping those that want to build web-pages off our club page (www.post599.org).
      Don't worry about numbers.  We've had as few as five youth and are now about 20 strong.  Just be there and have fun and have things for them to do. 
      ---Tom Sharp  WA9OXY
      Explorer Post 599    W7BSA
      Phoenix, AZ
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      Sent: Friday, February 13, 2004 9:43 AM
      Subject: [Scoutradio] Scouts on Field Day


      I was just wondering if anyone had any good ideas on how to get more
      scout involvement in a local Amateur Radio Venture Crew in the
      Baltimore, MD area?  We seem to be having a hard time locating scouts
      who want to learn more about radio and computers, which the Venture Crew
      specializes in.

      We've tried to invite the local scouts to Field Day in the past, and
      this year we're doing so once again - offering up being able to work on
      the Radio Merit badge as something they can do while visiting, and
      perhaps camping overnight with us for Field Day.

      As far as Field Day goes, we've been invited the last several years to
      join the ARINC Amateur Radio club in an absolutely beautiful park
      (Thomas Point Park, in Annapolis, MD) which is a beautiful penninsula
      right across from the Thomas Point Lighthouse in the Chesapeake Bay. 
      Unfortunately, we've only had a few folks join us in years past.  (Last
      year's Press Release from ARINC:
      http://www.arinc.com/news/2003/06-25-03.html )

      I was really hoping someone here might have some ideas how to
      "advertise" or draw attention to it, to increase our audience.  We're
      trying getting our local district and council to put something in the
      newsletters and web pages.  Any other ideas?  I'm concentrating on a
      Field Day experience (we've been to district campouts, and the like
      before) hoping the equipment and activity will be of interest.

      Thanks for your time!

      Tom Hendricks

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