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1255Re: [Scoutradio] Re: Radio Camp

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  • scouter@fmaynard.com
    Feb 12, 2004
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      On Thu, 12 Feb 2004, k5hal wrote:

      > We plan for each scout to build a Rock-Mite with special
      > crystals for the tech band.

      What a great idea! At least when they get done they will have a working
      rig and a reason to learn the code.

      > Is there any point in teaching much CW?

      You're right, it would take longer than a week to do it right, but you
      might want to have them learn to send their first name (I know it's
      probably the wrong way to get started since there's a specific order in
      which the letters should be learned). You could also have some code
      playing in the background during some of the sessions, not really to teach
      them the code but to get them exposed to the sound and the rhythm.
      Eventually some of them will start picking out letters.

      Good luck and I look forward to future reports on the project! 73

      Frank Maynard, NF8M
      CM, Pack 54 and MC, Troop 407
      Mighty Ottawa District, Clinton Valley Council
      Novi, Michigan
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