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1216Re: [Scoutradio] Radio Camp

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  • Bill Stewart
    Dec 17, 2003
      Yes use the tapes, but, supplement with real person lecture and a little
      hands-on. Here are some examples. Antennas, have some there
      that the Scouts can touch, handle and explore. Show them real examples
      of resistors, capacitors, transistors and the like. Make them fit in
      to the course. Also, explain the best technique for study for
      successfully passing of the Technician License test. We have found that
      if you can
      get the candidates to study the book, take the practice exams and listen
      to the lecture they will pass. If you can run laptops, run the
      ARRL practice exams. And, work out of the current Now You're Talking
      from the league.


      Bill, W2BSA, Venturing Crew 80, Alexandria, VA

      k5hal@... wrote:

      >How about a little guidance.
      >We are discussing having a one week Radio Camp at Chester County
      >Council Camp Ware next summer. The goal would be licensing up to 20
      >scouts. Tech class, no code. But, with some exposure to the code.
      >Build a receiver? A simple transceiver? What kit? Looking right now
      >at the MFJ-9340, looks simple, cost is moderate. We would have 3
      >instructors, plus two scoutmasters. This would be a sub-camp within
      >our usual Science Camp format. Should we spend the $150 on the
      >ARRL tapes? Is there any chance of teaching 5 wpm code during the 20
      >or so classroom hours avaialble? The scouts would leave with
      >Electronics and Radio Merit Badges, a working radio, and some would
      >have their tech license. They would have a list of volunteer Elmers,
      >Exam schedules, and maybe a code tape.
      >Ideas? Suggestions?
      >Regards, cullen k5hal
      >Check out the UK Radio-Scouting page here at Yahoo!Groups. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/radio-scouting-uk
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