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Salmond betrays Scottish independence for the Union of the Crowns

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  • Peter Dow
    The SNP: a right-wing monarchist, unionist party? http://scot.tk/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1788#1788 Is the Scottish National Party a right-wing, monarchist,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 8, 2010
      The SNP: a right-wing monarchist, unionist party?

      Is the Scottish National Party a right-wing, monarchist, unionist party telling lies about Scottish independence?

      It seems to me the pro-monarchy, pro-Union-of-the-Crowns leadership of Alex Salmond raises a question and discussion point about the appropriate description of the "Scottish National Party" - and that "a centre-left nationalist political party committed to Scottish independence" is not being represented by Salmond.

      Monarchy is a right-wing idea. Salmond by publishing right-wing monarchist documents is not representing centre-left views in any way.

      The Union of the Crowns, a monarchical and social union and united kingdoms are all unionist ideas. Salmond by publishing unionist documents is not representing an honest commitment to Scottish national independence.

      Listening to Salmond and reading his documents, you would suppose that if he was leading a party it would have to be a right-wing, monarchist, unionist party.

      It seems to me there are two approaches to analysing this question.

      Quote: Approach 1.

      Assume that the self-description of the party, what the party says about itself in its party name, in its party constitution

      - in the case of the SNP, (a) that the party is a Scottish nationalist party (b) that it is left of centre, left-leaning and so on,

      - in the case of the British Labour Party (a) that the party represents the interest of Labour, trade unions and the workers (b) it is a democratic socialist party

      are fair; assume that those self-descriptions are true and correct.

      In which case when the party leaders or documents lead in a pro-monarchist direction absolutely contradicting the core true values of the party, as they do, then those leaders do not speak for their parties, their leadership is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and ILLEGITIMATE as far as the party is concerned.

      Quote: Approach 2.

      Assume that when the party leaders and documents lead in a pro-monarchist direction that this direction is the true core value of the party. The party is in fact whatever the leader says it is.

      In which case the party name, the party constitution and so on are meaningless. The SNP or Labour stand for whatever the leader SAYS it stands for - and if the leader supports the right-wing idea of monarchy then the party is a right-wing monarchist party.

      However mostly I don't think people DO analyse such contradictions in party leaders and party declared "principles". They just watch the story on TV then they watch the next story on TV. It all kind of washes over people.

      Not only is monarchy right-wing it is also against national independence - since an independent nation elects its own head of state and is not TOLD who its head of state is.

      Also in opposing the true independence of the Scottish nation, by going along with the subjugation and enslavement of the Scots to the imposed head of state, Queen Elizabeth, and that being very much against the interests of the nation, the SNP royalist leaders certainly and possibly also the party (depending on which of the two above analysis approaches one takes) ARE NOT THEREFORE "NATIONALISTS" BUT TRAITORS AGAINST THE NATION!

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