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Scottish: Human Rights Film. Tartan Day. Cuts. Wendy's 'Bring It On'

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  • Peter Dow
    Hi, I have news for all Scots and our friends throughout the world. (1) A world premiere of a new human rights film titled The New Ten Commandments to be
    Message 1 of 1 , May 25, 2008

      I have news for all Scots and our friends throughout the world.

      (1) A world premiere of a new human rights film titled "The New Ten Commandments' to be shown at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, 28th June - and I appear in it, so I am told!

      (2) A video report of the Tartan Day festival in New York this year, and my rather explicit love letter to Nancy Pelosi!

      (3) TV news reports of a Stop the Cuts demo in Aberdeen as essential services for some of the most disadvantaged citizens in the city are being pushed through.

      All these 3 stories appear on my Scottish Republican News page -

      (4) Now of course the latest development in Scottish politics is the new leader of the Scottish Labour party challenging the SNP government to "bring it on" - that is to say, to bring on a fair referendum on the question of Scottish independence.

      I have a BBC video about all that plus my own comments on how I think Wendy is shaping up as Labour leader.

      That can be found on my Scottish Labour Failings page -

      (5) As I mentioned in February I have done a lot of work on getting my For Freedom Forums - Forums for robust political debate, Inspired by Scots, open to all - ready and I'm inviting everyone to check the forums out, register and say hello - introduce yourself.

      I think it is a good forum with loads of features but the only thing it lacks just now is people to use it. So come along and get the debate going!

      My For Freedom Forum is at -

      So that's what's new folks - of course I have a whole load of stuff on my website about Scottish politics and so if you haven't seen the website before, then please do check it out.

      The Scottish National Standard Bearer website

      I joined some new Yahoo Groups recently and I left a link or two in the groups links sections so you might want to check those out too.

      Well that's the summary version with links over, what follows now is a quote of the new pages for the record in case you want to skim read it without going to my website.

      Thanks for your interest in and support for the people of Scotland.

      - Peter Dow


      Scottish Republican News

      The New Ten Commandments
      The Edinburgh International Film Festival will show the world premiere of a Scottish -produced documentary about human rights.
      Saturday 28 June 2008.

      Anyway the particular interest to my Scottish Republican News webpage is that one of the 10 Scottish filmmakers contributing to the documentary, David Graham Scott featured my protests and so on with regard to highlighting the human right of freedom of assembly in Scotland, which was very nice.
      I haven't seen the film yet myself and because hours of original footage has been edited down to David's 10 minute slot for the documentary, I'm not precisely sure what has been left in and I'm looking forward to the premiere. I wonder if they will have a red carpet out?

      Production team: left - my house, Aberdeen; right - Cardonald College, Glasgow

      David Graham Scott, left. James Allcock, right

      Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

      Smart Alex
      Two-timing Salmond kisses our new American sweetheart Nancy Pelosi before rushing back to his Queen Elizabeth.
      House Speaker & 3rd in line to the US Presidency, Nancy Pelosi

      Salmond kisses top American woman. No passion though.
      Dearest Nancy,
      That Alex Salmond doesn't really love you as he should Nancy. You deserve to have a better Scotsman than him to come a wooing you on Capitol Hill too. I'd try to chat you up myself but I'm so busy trying to woo Condi from afar at the moment that I have very little time left for other women in America. Of course, that would all change if you were to visit Scotland when you'd become my number one woman while you were here. Fair enough?
      You wait Nancy. Turn your back on the wee fat git for one moment and Salmond'll be back over here tickling his Grim Reaper Queen Elizabeth again like there was no Scottish independence, which with him as Scotland's First Minister, there isn't. He'll betray you Nancy just like he betrays the Scots.
      Was he even hard for you Nancy? I'm so sorry that he wasn't. What a limped dick disappointment for you! No "Shagger" he. Not that you'd even know, Nancy, when the chubby chappie cuddled you standing up because his pot belly got in the way, right? Oh the shame of it. To think that that flaccid flop is supposed to be Scotland's "First Minister". "I will stand up for Scotland", Salmond has boasted. Well, Nancy, now we both know that although he can stand up, that is all he can get up when it matters in international diplomacy.
      You Americans were generous enough to invite the Scots to a tartan festooned fuck festival and the most Salmond had to offer you was oral. Did you take him for a private meeting to see if he was even gentleman enough to get down on his knees and offer to lick you out Nancy?
      We Scots can't take Salmond anywhere without him embarrassing us by being cold, stand-offish and disinterested to our most dearly beloved friends. The cad has no manners and has no concept of the Scottish-American "special relationship" so if you did ever get him alone then I guess he'd most likely want to bore you with talk all about generating power from waves or some such small talk when the only waves he should have been interested in was wave after wave of your multiple-orgasms.
      Nancy, Americans shouldn't ever take that kind of disrespect from Alex Salmond. You should tell the President that if he has to waterboard anyone then it makes more sense to start with that wee shit Salmond until he learns proper respect for top American women.
      I am so sorry Nancy. The truth is that the people of Scotland love the people of America very much and so it is because Salmond is inadequate in the extreme in showing our love for you all, even on Tartan Day, that it is my duty to write an open letter to you in such explicit terms.
      Lots of love from Peter Dow and the people of Scotland.

      Tartan Day: Proclaiming the march to a Scottish Republic

      Attention Americans! Who are your true friends? Not the Windsors!
      Stop the Cuts demo Aberdeen 5th April 2008. Thousands march along Union Street, Aberdeen to demonstrate opposition to the City Council's heartless cuts to essential services for the city's most vulnerable groups of people.

      Stop the cuts Demo. TV News reports I, Peter Dow, was on that Aberdeen stop-the-cuts demonstration too carrying the Scottish National Standard, the Lion Rampant, and it was very well attended considering the dreadful cold, wet and windy weather for April. (What happened to that "global warming" we were promised?)
      Although there was a rally at the end of the march, the public address system was poor and it was impossible to hear most of the speeches from the speakers from the various services being cut unless you were at the front right next to the speakers. Most of the crowd could not hear so it was no wonder that most of them drifted away.

      Councillor Kate Dean, ACC Leader
      Cllr. Kevin Stewart, ACC Deputy Leader
      Douglas Paterson, ACC Chief Executive The elected politicians responsible for this financial chaos cheekily turned up and got a hearing too and they were ever so keen to blame the other parties as per usual without pausing to consider that their own party's support for the Queen's state misruling Scotland for so many years, has left Aberdeen in such a budget mess.
      At least I couldn't blame one of the speakers for supporting the Queen's state - Neil from Sheridan's Solidarity - as I guess that Solidarity may be falling out (and not before time for a Scottish republican socialist) with the Queen's courts now that Sheridan is up in court on perjury charges arising from the most unwise court action he initiated before the Queen's judges in Edinburgh?
      It was particularly surprising that the Chief Executive of Aberdeen City Council Douglas Paterson got away so lightly, with few calls for him to go, after mismanaging the city for so many years and being utterly unable to advise the councillors competently.
      Now since it does seem to be an emergency situation for my home city of Aberdeen, if the Council does get round to sacking the Chief Executive, I would be prepared to step in to serve the city on a voluntary, temporary basis as a stand-in Chief Executive in place of Paterson until such time as these essential city services were re-instated. Not that the Councillors are at all likely to ask me to take over or anything but I feel it is my duty to offer anyway.


      Scottish Labour FailingsWendy's House

      Queen OR Country, Wendy?

      Jack chose Queen; that was his big mistake.

      Can you choose Scotland? Wendy's "Bring it on" to a Scottish independence referendum So Wendy Alexander has challenged Alex Salmond to bring on a referendum with a fair question on Scottish independence. Interesting.
      Or else what, Wendy? If Salmond doesn't bring on a fair referendum in good time and wants to delay until 2010/11 or wants to rig the question so that Scots can't vote for the independence we want without being seen perhaps to vote at the same time for the Salmond and the Queen that we don't want, then what will Wendy do, what will she say?

      Will Wendy now finally find the courage actually to oppose the Salmond-led royalist, fascist state misrule in Scotland? Will she finally lead Scottish Labour to vote Salmond down in a vote of no confidence?
      Has Wendy got the courage to bring on an early general election?
      Or will Wendy do nothing, as per usual? Will she wait until Salmond is ready? Will she wait until the statutory 4 year term of the Scottish parliament is up - giving Salmond a free ride until then just to keep the existing Scottish Labour MSPs safe with their seats in parliament?

      Will Wendy now even oppose Salmond's budgets? Will she become a real opposition leader at last?
      Or will Wendy do the same nothing as now when Salmond's no-strings budget allows Scottish officialdom to misrule Scotland with the same cruelty and incompetence as before? After all, for example, the universities and the dentists are still not open to some Scots who need them.
      So it is nice that Wendy is supporting the principle of a referendum on the question of Scottish independence. What is not so nice is that Wendy has yet to oppose Salmond 100% and yet to try to oust him as First Minister.
      Wendy has made people sit up and take notice with her "bring it on" remarks. Speaking as a Scotsman, I imagine that Wendy's pussy may taste that wee bit sweeter tonight but what now Wendy? A political honeymoon can only last so long.
      Since Wendy seems to be so keen on abstaining on important votes, maybe she can be persuaded to campaign for Labour supporters to ABSTAIN on the independence referendum, rather than oppose independence? That might work out OK so long as there is no daft 40%-of-the-electorate-must-vote rule like there was in the Scottish Assembly referendum.

      April 2008 Well it was about time I was updating this page to acknowledge that Scottish Labour has now elected a new leader - Wendy Alexander, which was nice.
      Wendy's political honeymoon (when people are supposed to give the new leader the benefit of the doubt, for a wee while anyway) as Scottish Labour leader was initially spoiled to some extent by an investigation into a political donation to her leadership campaign; this question was also raised with me in the For Freedom Forums associated with this website and I defended Wendy there, suggesting kissing up to her, as a way to encourage a more robust opposition to the unsustainably rampant Salmond SNP-minority government.
      Anyway, I would expect my hard-on for Wendy will eventually make way in due course for some very hard criticism against her leadership of Scottish Labour, particularly once I have glared long enough at video or photographs of Wendy shaking hands with the Queen, Prince Charles or other royal which I assume she will do at some point if she has not already done so, aping previous Labour leaders as royalist betrayers of democratic socialist principles.
      Meanwhile for the duration of her political honeymoon, Wendy can invite me into her house and sit on my face if she wants to. If she did, I might say to her though -
      "Wendy, dear, you do know that an opposition is supposed to oppose a government budget (not just abstain) and an opposition is supposed to vote against the First Minister in a vote of confidence, trying to bring down the government?
      You knew that? Oh good, just checking. So when are you going to oppose Salmond's budget and government then?
      When you are good and ready? OK, just checking - so you just want me to lick you out until then? Well OK, for now, if that's what you want then ... Hmm, juicy."

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