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  • cowen
    My dear Luis, It is my pleasure to receive this message from you who resides in Argentina. I would hope you find the time to tell me something about your
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 14, 2000
      My dear Luis,

      It is my pleasure to receive this message from you who resides in
      Argentina. I would hope you find the time to tell me something about your

      No, I do not live in Scotland! I was born in Rochester, Massachusetts
      and have lived in Florida since 1952 minus a few years in New Orleans,
      Louisiana. I know you are having your summer weather now and we are still
      enjoying the summer season although we did have the temperature at 22
      degrees last week.

      Luis, although I am not connected to the Scotland Gen Web it might be a
      way for you to learn about your surname and as to whether or not it is of
      Scotland. The fact you indicate Mac prior to Magalow gives me the feeling
      you may be right but if you do not have success on Gen Web then let me know
      and I will try to give you some other ideas!

      Chester H. Cowen {Cowing} de Colquhoun...
      Hernando, Citrus, Florida...
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      From: "Luis Magaldi" <tatmu@...>
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      Sent: Thursday, 14 December, 2000 5:58 AM
      Subject: RE: [ScottishWarPrisoners] Ship: Unity...

      > Dear Chester:
      > Thank for the page that you sent me.
      > Do you live in Scotland?
      > Can Yask you a question?:
      > Do you know if the name MacMagalow exist in Scotland?
      > Woukd you help me in this. I´m live in Argentina and my true name is
      > "Magaldi", an Italian last name, but I have some information that the name
      > Magaldi is origined from Scotland as Magalow or MacMagalow
      > Thank for your help
      > Your faithfull
      > Michel Magaldi
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      > De: cowen <cowen@...>
      > Para: ScottishWarPrisoners@egroups.com <ScottishWarPrisoners@egroups.com>
      > Fecha: Martes, 12 de Diciembre de 2000 12:54 p.m.
      > Asunto: Re: [ScottishWarPrisoners] Ship: Unity...
      > >Dear Jan,
      > >
      > > Thank you for accepting my late introduction to this list which I
      > >found to be interesting and the persons who have corresponded directly
      > >me are to be commended for having the stamina to proceed into the unknown
      > of
      > >this endeavor!
      > >
      > > I do not know if any of the members have seen the following web page
      > and
      > >since at my age I find I am not as thorough in retention of material read
      > >ask that should anyone not something I may of missed to remind me of this
      > >factor and I shall accept the information in sincere appreciation.
      > >
      > >http://www.worcestershire.gov.uk/archaeology/pages/battle.htm
      > >
      > > Enjoy, if not previously viewed and I remain,
      > >
      > >Respectfully,
      > >Chester...
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      > >From: "Highman" <Ettrick@...>
      > >To: <ScottishWarPrisoners@egroups.com>
      > >Sent: Tuesday, 12 December, 2000 10:25 AM
      > >Subject: Re: [ScottishWarPrisoners] Ship: Unity...
      > >
      > >
      > >> Chester,
      > >> Thank you for introducing yourself. I thought I would reintroduce
      > >myself,
      > >> since it has been a long time.
      > >> I live in Northern California. My ancestor, Daniel Cone "appeared"
      > >> Connecticut in the late 1550's. The family history claims that he was
      > >taken
      > >> prisoner at the Battle of Dunbar, but we have not found him on any
      > >> There is a Daniel Mac Hoe listed on the John and Sara, but I believe
      > >> carried prisoners from the Battle of Worcester. One thing I have
      > >considered
      > >> is to see if this Daniel Mac Hoe can be traced. If so, he isn't "my"
      > >> Daniel. If he can't, it doesn't prove anything, however, because, as I
      > >> understand, a lot of the people who came on the John and Sara did not
      > >> survive the trip to the Saugus Irpn Works. There is a mention of a
      > >in
      > >> Edinburgh in 1626, but I have not been able to find the actual record.
      > >> came agonizingly close once, and picked up a possible mother's name.
      > >> Someone later told me that the name was of a wife in Scotland. He did
      > >marry
      > >> in Connecticut and registered that marriage in Edinburgh. He married
      > >> Mahitable Spencer, who was descended from the same Spencer line as
      > >> There were three younger Spencer brothers who came to the colonies,
      > >> only the oldest would inherit land and title. So, it happens that I
      > >> English roots as well. I can tell you that I am not proud of this
      > >> especially after seeing Braveheart!
      > >> I have emailed Scotpress at the site Chester gave us to see if
      > Lucille's
      > >> book is available. I imagine they have had a few inquiries lately.
      > >>
      > >> Jan Highman
      > >>
      > >>
      > >>
      > >>
      > >>
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
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