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    As many of you know, I am an attorney who has made a new career as historian and genealogist, and I have spent years tracing the fate of the 17th-century
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 23, 2004
      As many of you know, I am an attorney who has made a new career as historian
      and genealogist, and I have spent years tracing the fate of the 17th-century
      Scottish war prisoners exiled to the American colonies. You may be
      interested in several new articles of mine:
      The Highlander magazine ran my two-part feature, “Scottish Slaves in
      Colonial New England,” in the Sept/Oct and Nov/Dec 2004 issues. The Highlander’s
      website is _www.highlandermagazine.com_ (http://www.highlandermagazine.com/) ,
      and I believe that back issues are still available, if you want to contact
      the magazine. I will also write the magazine's "Scottish Genealogy" column for
      the next issue, while the regular columnist takes a sabbatical, and the
      Jan/Feb 2005 issue will focus on research sources for locating your own ancestors
      among the 17th-century Scottish war prisoners.
      The upcoming Holiday 2004 issue of New England Ancestors magazine will
      carry my new "Scots for Sale, Part II: Scottish Prisoners in Seventeenth-Century
      Maine and New Hampshire," plus another piece about Scotsman Patrick Morran,
      "The Case of the Scottish Rogue," from my regular “Tales from the Courthouse”
      series. (My earlier article, “Scots for Sale: The Fate of the Scottish
      Prisoners in Seventeenth-Century Massachusetts,” appeared in the Winter 2003
      issue of New England Ancestors.) The magazine is published by the New England
      Historic Genealogical Society. Their website is _www.NewEnglandAncestors.org_
      (http://www.newenglandancestors.org/) , and the articles can be accessed online
      by members of the Society; otherwise, New England Ancestors magazine is
      available to subscribers, or in many libraries.
      And, I'm particularly pleased to announce that a wonderful
      history/archaeology magazine published in Scotland, History Scotland, will feature a new
      article of mine, "Scottish Slavery in Seventeenth-Century New England," in the
      January/February 2005 issue. (You may want to check their website,
      _www.historyscotland.com_ (http://www.historyscotland.com/) , if you're not familiar with
      the publication -- it's a beautiful, glossy illustrated magazine, scholarly
      but aimed at general-interest readers. Subscriptions, and single issues of the
      magazine, can be purchased online.) My article provides more details about
      my research, and is an updated version of a paper I presented in the summer of
      2003 for a historical conference, the Dublin Seminar of New England Folklife
      in Deerfield, Massachusetts. Finally this little-known story is reaching
      audiences on both sides of the Atlantic.
      I have several talks about the Scottish war prisoners scheduled for 2005,
      including a lecture and slide show at the New England Regional Genealogical
      Conference in Portland, Maine on April 1, and I will be hosting a
      special-interest group about Scottish research at that conference on March 31. The
      conference website is _www.nergc.org_ (http://www.nergc.org/) , if you’d like to read
      more about the conference, and I can provide more details about other
      upcoming talks in the New England area if people would like to contact me.
      Best regards,
      Diane Rapaport

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