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    ... when I ... proof that ... lineages are and have been for years claiming Daniel Cone was Daniel Mchoe even in their DAR and SAR applications for membership
    Message 1 of 4 , May 16, 2004
      --- In ScottishWarPrisoners@yahoogroups.com, "Larry Highman"
      <medievaltents@h...> wrote:
      > On the Haddam CT web page, they list Daniel Cone with (MackHoe)
      > after it. I don't think they listed it that way a few years back
      when I
      > started searching on the internet. I wonder if they have found a
      proof that
      > Daniel MackHoe on the John and Sara was our Daniel Cone.
      > Jan Cone Highman
      > > > --- Larry Highman <medievaltents@h...> wrote:
      > > > > This is in reply to Tom Cone's post. Tom said that
      > > > > he believes he is
      > > > > decended from Neil Mackhoe. I am descended from
      > > > > Daniel Cone and there is
      > > > > some belief that he was Daniel Mackhoe on the John
      > > > > and Sara. Tom, do you
      > > > > have any "proof" that Neil Mackhoe changed his name
      > > > > to Cone?
      > > >
      > > > No, I think that was something Jesse did, probably
      > > > when he got to North Carolina.
      > > >
      > >
      >>>>>>>>>> When one gets down to it The Descendents of the Cone
      lineages are and have been for years claiming Daniel Cone was Daniel
      Mchoe even in their DAR and SAR applications for membership adding to
      that W W Cone who wrote Some Account of the Cone Family in America
      after reciving back mail from those he wrote to and the fact is that
      the book is written based on the replies he recived back in that the
      responses were a sum of 98 percent from the Daniel Cone lineages. The
      Southern group did write him but it was a write off on their part as
      he did in fact write one rather boldly and so challanged him to write
      and tell him who his daddy was if he could read and write. And there
      is a copy of that letter. But take his book and see who did write W W
      Cone with Cone Family information. It's sorta like fruing catfish
      when you shake them in a bag of corn meal.After they are coated how
      would one be capable of telling if that one was the one they caught
      as they all will come out of the bag coated, and ready to hit the
      pan. Some of the Cone genealogist can't even keep their William Cones
      straight even by who they each were married to. Some even proclaim
      one was having families with two differant women in two differant
      Georgia Counties at the same time. I realize that some have notions
      that Southerners are backwoods but give it a rest at least for those
      gone on and even more for those who today bear the Cone name.

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