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      > Several persons have asked recently where in the Western
      > Scotsmen taken prisoner at the Battles of Dunbar and Worcester
      were sent by Oliver
      > Cromwell. Oliver Cromwell sent these Scots prisoners to
      Massachusetts Bay
      > Colony, New Hampshire, Virginia, East New Jersey (Originally New
      Jersey was two
      > colonies: East New Jersey and West New Jersey.) and the British-
      > islands of Jamaica and Barbados in the West Indies.
      > Someone asked on what other ships besides the John and Sara the
      > were sent to the Western Hemisphere. One other ship was the Henry
      and Francis
      > . It left from Leith Scotland on September 5, 1685. It took
      prisoners to
      > East New Jersey.
      > The Scots prisoners were sent to so many different places
      because the
      > English settlers in the American Colonies were afraid that if all
      these Scots
      > were sent to the same place, they might rebel.
      > There is a book that lists all the prisoners transported in
      > order by last name and tells the names of the ship they were sent
      on, where in
      > the Western Hemisphere they were sent, and the date the ships left
      > Britain and from what port in Great Britain the ships left. I
      studied this book
      > at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. You cannot take
      books out from
      > this library. You can probably order this book on Interlibrary
      Loan from your
      > local public library. Your local library can obtain it from
      another library
      > in the United States for you. This book is:
      > Directory of Scots Banished to the American Plantations 1650 -
      1775 by David
      > Dobson, published Baltimore, Maryland: Genealogical Publishing
      Co., Inc. 1983. >>
      I think it is also on cd. I tried to find out more about the new jersey
      settlement at one point because we have the tradition on one of the mccall books
      about nj -- i still think the saugus guy makes the most sense
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