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Re: [ScottishWarPrisoners] Any information on Tormut Rose/Duncan Ross

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  • Lucille Richmond
    In a booklet entitled Scotch Prisoners Deported to New England by Cromwell, 1651-52: From the Battles of Dunbar and Worcester (copyright Unicorn Limited,
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 26, 2003
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      In a booklet entitled "Scotch Prisoners Deported to New England by Cromwell, 1651-52: From the Battles of Dunbar and Worcester" (copyright Unicorn Limited, Inc., 1997) purchased from Scotpress, P. O. Box 397, Bruceton Mills, West Virginia 26525 is the following:
      'The neighboring town of Durham, New Hampshire, had a number of the Scotch prisoners. The tax lists and other sources of information show that Exeter also profited by this chattel slavery, as Nicholas Lissen of the latter place is credited with being master of some of the Worcester prisoners.
      Some of these Scotchmen found their way to Block Island, after being freed, and became a respectable section of the early settlers of that island. Some had worked at Lynn, and others at the branch works in Braintree. They must have belonged to the Dunbar contingent. Their names are Alexander Innes, Robert Guthrie, Thormut (or Dermot) Rose, William Tosh, James Danielson and possibly a few others.'
      Hope this helps.
      Lucille Richmond
      "Jack Rose <kathydfrog@...>" <kathydfrog@...> wrote:Hi,

      I've been participating in a Rose family DNA study, with surprising
      results. It appears that I'm descended from a Scottish prisoner
      named Tormut Rose or Duncan Ross. He was captured at the battle of
      Dunbar and sent to the new world as an indentured servant. Tormut
      worked off his indenture at the Braintree iron works and later
      founded Block Island, Rhode Island with a number of other Scottish
      prisoners. It appears that the same family may have been among the
      first setlers of Long Island, namely a possible close relative named
      Robert Rose.

      Until recently, I didn't know I was Scottish, so this is all a little
      strange. Forgive me, but I would never eat Haggis or wear kilts!

      Any information on Tormut would be helpful. Are there any other
      cousins in the group or relatives of the veterans of the iron works?

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    • Jack Rose <kathydfrog@aol.com>
      Thanks Lucille- I ll try to obtain the book. John Rose
      Message 2 of 3 , Feb 27, 2003
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        Thanks Lucille- I'll try to obtain the book.

        John Rose
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