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Re: [ScottishWarPrisoners] Daniel Cone/Mackhoe?

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  • Lucille Richmond
    I m a member of the NEHGS, so I know what their journal is. The reason I said they don t recognize ALL of the Scots prisoners of war is that they do not have
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 16, 2003
      I'm a member of the NEHGS, so I know what their journal is. The reason I said they don't recognize ALL of the Scots prisoners of war is that they do not have any listing of the men who came on the "Unity", which is the ship that James Adams was on. I have tried to get some help from Harvard University which has a number of holdings from Saugus; however, one has to be a student of Harvard to gain access to their Saugus documents!
      bob gillis <rpgillis@...> wrote:Lucille Richmond wrote:
      > The NEHGR did not recognize the Scots prisoners (at least not all of them). >

      I don't understand what you mean. The NEHGR is the journal of the
      NEHGS. In the Vol 1, the Journal published the list of indentured
      servants on the JOHN and SARAH as taken from a document filed with the
      Suffolk Registry of Deeds and is the same as published in a couple of
      other places.

      > My family went to Saugus, MA. and saw the iron works as it is today. It is a National Park. My ancestor, James Adams, was one of the Scots prisoners at the iron works and we found his name there. >

      All I did is paraphrase what I remember from the book. In another
      version of the JOHN and SARA list that is alphabetized and found on the
      web, there is no John Adams. He probably came in the first group of

      bob gillis

      I wrote:

      >In his book, Ironworks on the Saugus; the Lynn and Braintree Ventures of
      > the Company of Undertakers of the Ironworks in New England, Norman OK,
      > Univ of Oklahoma Press, 1957, EN Hartley says that most of the Scots
      > that worked at Saugus were from the earlier group and that most of the
      > 1651 men on the JOHN and SARA did not work at Saugus.
      > My John Brow(ne) did not work there but was probably indentured in
      > Boston or Cambridge. Someone wrote here a few months ago that he had
      > found his ancestor in the Lynn VRs with perhaps with a notation that he
      > was of the iron works. Look in the list archives.
      > Why do you think that your Daniel Cone was at Dunbar or Worcester? If I
      > got it from a web site or old family genealogy I would not accept it
      > without research. I would go back from myself before accepting that
      > story.
      > Now in the list of the JOHN and SARA prisoners in the NEHGR Vol 1, Page
      > 377, Oct 1847 there is no Mackhoe or Cone. There are a number of
      > Daniel Macxxxxxx's: Macwell, Macnell, Mackennell, Mackaine, Machan,
      > Mchellin, Macnith (2).
      > bob gillis
      > "tpm_11 " wrote:
      > >
      > > I too am a descendant of Daniel Cone (Mackhoe?). I'm fairly new to
      > > genealogy and just 'discovered' the Dunbar-Worcester prisoner
      > > connection for Daniel Cone. But now I'm stumped. I can't find
      > > anything connecting D. Cone to D. Mackhoe or anything on D. Mackhoe
      > > prior to being shipped out on the 'John and Sara'in 1651.
      > > Can anyone help?
      > > Tom McHugh
      > >

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