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Re: [ScottishWarPrisoners] Digest Number 41

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  • Larry Highman
    Hi Tom, I guess we are cousins of some sort. My dad s name was Hugh, how s that for a connection? I started this list because I became stumped. My
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 13, 2003
      Hi Tom,
      I guess we are cousins of some sort. My dad's name was Hugh, how's that
      for a connection?
      I started this list because I became stumped. My grandfather said tha
      Daniel changed his name to Cone and we don't know for sure what it was
      before. I accepted that because Cone did not seem to be a Scottish name. I
      have found that there are and were some Scottish Cones. I even found a
      Daniel who had a birth registered in London in the 1600's along with several
      other Cones on the same date. A geneologist told me that this was often
      done "after the fact". I found a Leonard Cone of Neton, Hampshire, England
      born May 27, 1597, his father being Henry Collins or Cone. I did all of
      this research a long time ago on The Family Search IGI records. I looked
      recently and could not find the website. You may be interested to know that
      Mehitabel Spencer, Daniel Cone's wife, was of the same Spencer line as
      Princess Diana. That makes us related to the future King of England. Are
      you impressed? Once you link to a "royal" line, there is a lot of
      geneological record. This line takes us back to a DeSpencer who came to
      England with William the Conquerer in 1066.
      When I was in Scotland several years ago, I went to the MacDonald Center
      on the Isle of Skye. They had an inquiry about Daniel, but no more
      information. They looked him up on their computer and found birth
      information that he was born in Edinburgh in 1626 and his mother's name was
      Sophia Boyle. I have not been able to find that birth record however. I
      contacted the MacDonald center a few years later by email, and they were not
      able to find the reference in the computer. I know what happened to this
      reference. It has all been very frustrating and I haven't had enough time
      to get into it again.
      BTW, my grandfather always said that Daniel was in the Battle of Dunbar.
      This information may be from the Cone book, I am not sure. The John and
      Sara took prisoners from the Battle of Worcester. It is possible that
      Daniel fought in both battles and was taken prisoner at Worcester. It is
      also possible that he was on another ship whose records are lost. He did
      marry Mahitabel Spencer, who was born in Lynn Mass. where the iron works
      were that the Worcester prisoners were indentured to and near where the John
      and Sara landed. I have tried to find a list of Scots who worked for Lynn
      Iron Works, but have not been able to locate one.
      Keep in touch. This has not been a busy list, but I hope that people will
      send any new information they find.

      Jan Cone Highman

      Jan and Larry Highman
      Your Medieval Merchants

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