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665Quick Guide To Oddball Scholarships

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  • dgpvgjqajtun
    Apr 23, 2008
      Do you need help with the myriad of college expenses and tuition you
      will encounter in higher education? You can apply for scholarships to
      help you cover some or all of the costs. When you think of scholarships
      you most likely think of academic scholarships for class
      Valedictorians. Or athletic scholarships for athletes recruited for
      collegiate sports. While these types of scholarships are more
      prevalent, they are not the only avenue for earning scholarship money.
      Just take a look at some of these oddball scholarships available.
      Oddball scholarships for golf caddies:
      Do you have an interest in golf? Did you play on the high school team,
      but was not at a high enough level to be recruited to the college team?
      Are you considering becoming a golf professional after college? Then
      become a golf caddie and put yourself in the running for the golf
      caddie scholarship. This type of scholarship is offered at many
      colleges and universities. Upon acceptance of the scholarship, some
      students are required to work for the local college or university golf