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654Decorating a Country Style Kitchen

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  • dgpvgjqajtun
    Jan 7, 2008
      A kitchen could be aptly considered the "meat and potatoes" of your
      home. It's where everyone comes together to eat and talk. It's where
      a lot of families will sit down and discuss their days. And it is
      also the place most heavily visited when having a party. If you're
      looking to add some country cheer to your kitchen, the following
      article will tell you how to accomplish this goal.
      A country style kitchen has a lot of early American character. Farm
      found animals are very popular in this setting. Usually one animal is
      chosen and focused on for decoration. There might be roosters, cows,
      pigs, or chicks strategically placed in different parts of the room.
      Another chosen theme may be the colors of this country. Family is
      certainly important in this particular design style as well so there
      may be a family tree on display or alternately, there may be photos
      of family members placed in different parts of the room.
      A country style kitchen is typically an eat-in kitchen where the
      kitchen table is placed within the kitchen itself. There is usually
      no formal dining room included in this setting; therefore, the table
      itself becomes part of the d'cor. The table will be made of a hard
      solid wood such as oak. A nice country touch on a table would be
      visible knots from the trees that the table was made out of. The
      kitchen table's chairs will also be made of hard wood, have high
      backs, and usually a padded decorated seat. Other furniture may
      include a china cabinet and/or hutch in addition to a buffet that may
      be used for serving a buffet style meal....