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  • rwrichmond@148ndr.freeserve.co.uk
    May 9, 2001
      I'm new to this group, but would venture to suggest that some of the
      sources being looked at could be usefully augmented.
      "A Cloud of Witnesses" by John H. Thomson, (originally published in
      1714, in Edinburgh) republished by Sprinkle in (I think)1989 covers
      the martyrdom of some 60 Scottish martyrs. It also has appendices
      listing some those banished, though not always by name. An example
      of a fuller list might be the following:
      "Anno 1686, March 30 were banished to Barbadoes, John Stewart, James
      Douglas, John Russel, James Hamilton, William Hannay, George White,
      Gilbert McCulloch, Thomas Brown, John Brown, William Hay, John
      Wright, John Richard, Alexander Bailie, Marion Weir, Bessie Weir,
      Isabel Steel, Isabel Cassils, Agnes Keir."

      "A Cloud of Witnesses" gives an insight into the "killing times" when
      Scots were murdered for mere suspicion of covenanting activity. A
      result of this was the fleeing of many Scots to North America to
      escape persecution - sometimes via Ireland.

      My own curiosity is the fate of the family of John Richmond of
      Galston Ayrshire, who was beheaded at Glasgow Cross on 19th March,
      1684, his head then being fixed on a spike above the Tolbooth, for
      having allegedly been at the Battle of Bothwell and for having
      harboured fugitives.
      In his speech he refers to his wife and baby. What became of them?
      I'd be grateful for any information which may be out there.

      Rod Richmond
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