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  • ConeModerator23@AOL.com
    Jun 17, 2003
      Hello to the List
      I am Wm. Cone of Georgia. I joined your list yesterday and this is my first
      post. I have followed the John and Sara list in that on the list is # 150 is
      Neile Mackhone and that I conceive him to be Neile McConne of the Isle of
      Wight Parrish Virginia. A will was recorded for Neile McConne in that Parish in

      What sets Isle of Wight as that the Master of the John and Sara was John
      Greene, recorded to be of the Isle of Wight Parish. Neile Mcconne seems to be
      the probable progemtor of the Cone families from Virginia into North Carolina
      down to mainly Georgia and Florida and too including South Carolina, Alabama,
      Mississippi, Louisanna and Texas.

      This research has been accomplished within a group of Cone researchers over
      a period of years. Both by hand to hand and within the past years across the
      Internet. Adding also that DNA research has been so added within the past
      three years. To those that are researching the Daniel Cone group I might add that
      several of that group also were included in the DNA testing. Some markers did
      relate but did show a different progenitor.

      Adding here is that I discovered the Regiment List of the Battle of
      Worcestor, UK. This list of the regiments is in the Museum of Edinburgh Castle in
      Scotland. With the aid of some in Scotland the search is on to the possible
      records of the men of these regiments is there in Scotland.

      When it comes to Daniel Cone being listed, two things are here in that # 147
      is listed as Mackhoe, Dan to be Daniel Cone. Comparing # 147 and # 150 there
      is a similarity in that # 147 is the same as # 150 in the spelling exception
      being the "n" is missing. The Clan Donald lays fact to the best and more
      possible that these two are progenitors of Cone's as we are of Clan Donald as record
      in other records of Scotland. There also is a John, David, William and Samuel
      as well that could be probable.

      One point is that several of these lists are there to be found and yet the
      spellings have been construed as different with even possible being added to
      other surnames. Another point is that the Owner of the John and Sara is said to
      be of Charlestown. New Hampshire I would presume as this was a major
      shipbuilding port in that time with the owners being connected to families in England.
      And often these owners did realize who was buttering the bread for profit and
      therefore even loyal to the English for the aspect of being profitable in
      their ventures. So to say that all the prisoners melted into New England would
      forego the market of selling indentured to the plantations of Virginia, of
      whence crops and goods were produced to be sent back to England.

      I close at this point as I may be reaching a limit. But I will look forward
      to responses.

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