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146Re: Covenanters and the American Revolution

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  • Jack Rose
    Mar 5, 2003
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      --- In ScottishWarPrisoners@yahoogroups.com, bob gillis
      <rpgillis@b...> wrote:
      > I think very little. The Revolution was 125 years after the last
      of the
      > Scottish prisoners came to America. I cannot join the SAR as I
      have no
      > evidence that any of my ancestors participated.
      > And where were restrictions placed on Presbyterian worship?

      Prior to the revolution the only recognized church was the church of
      England. Other denominations were restricted in worship and their
      churches were not condidered churches but "meeting houses".
      Occasionaly you will hear of an old church referred to as a "meeting

      I'd guess most of the revolutionary army was some type of Calvinist,
      Presbyterian or Congregationalist (Puritan). My fore runner, David
      Rose, signed a declaration renouncing the crown and his sons Jesse
      and John were at Yorktown as were his first cousins Ezekiel and
      Tychicus Rose. I'd say those Covenanters extracted their revenge at
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