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972RE: [ScorbotUserGroup] Cable question

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  • Omri Koppel
    Sep 13, 2013

    Hi Eli

    The cable connection for the RS232 cable you are looking for is in the attached doc.

    I got it from the users group under the MORE tab, you will see a lot of stuff a new guy would like…

    I would buy the D types and wire them myself… you can get them in any electronic hardware store.


    Enjoy your robot.




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    Hie all,

    first - thanks for having such a wonderful forum.


    Thah might be a silly question but since i just got the ER-III arm I'm pretty new to this;

    what type of cable do i need to connect the scorbot ER-III controller to a pc.



    or something like:


    Many thanks,


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