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953please help!

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  • gnilrack
    May 22, 2013
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      Good evening. i am a student at a college in Portugal on an electrical installations course and they purchased a "Scorbot ER4-PC" mechanical arm around 7 or 8 years ago. The thing is, the software was on floppy discs and could only be installed twice and it was a very stric system and eventually the floppy disks broke or something or wore out, basicaly they are no longer of any use. the computar that had the software on it broke and in the recent renovations that the school has been going over we think it got thrown away, including the special circuit board for the machine that was in the PC. I would like to know how to get hold of the software for this particular make and model to try and get this robot up and running for my colleges to have a play around with. Its just a terrible shame to know that piece of expensive equipment is just sat there idly doing nothing, i told my teachers i would have a good look around for some software to then go on and try and get hold of another one of those circuit boards for the computer. Im hoping that the software isn't as strict as it used to be due to the technological advances that there have been over the past few years i assume that this equipment is no longer as advanced as it was at the time, or as expensive. So yeah, any help i could get would be brilliant and i would be very grateful, i would really like to learn about these awesome looking machines and get in to playing around with them a bit, i hope somebody can help me find what i am looking for.
      These are the full details of the one we have: "eshed robotec" "PO Box 13234. Tel Avtv 61131, ISRAEL"
      "SCORBOT-ER 4Pc ROBOT" "serial# 16236003"
      Thanks for reading all this, would be really awesome if you can help!!
      Regards, Daniel.