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1038RE: [ScorbotUserGroup] computer won't communicate with robot [5 Attachments]

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  • Gerry
    Jan 8, 2014

      On your Computer end,

      you are connecting the Null modem cable to the DB9 Serial Port correct ?






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      [Attachment(s) from connerd@... included below]

      O.K. (frustrated sigh here)

      Ordered, received, installed null modem cable.

      Set COM1 as directed in manual (except I don't know where specified DIP switch is, if there is one Hmmmmm?).

      Control box will operate all motors using "motor test" button.

      Software operates fine.

      But - any and all keyboard number/letter combinations that normally make robot motors move don't do anything. A "communication error" message is all I get on-screen.

      Tried different settings for COM1 through device manager until I've run out of settings options.

      Tried a "Cables-to-go" D25 to USB and its included drivers. Nothing.

      Even installed a separate board from a company called PERLE but its options won't let me set it for COM1, interrupt 4, even with normal COM1 disabled.

      A "tech" at parent company "Intelitek" told me last year that all I should need is a computer with Win98.


      Windows 98.

      Intel Celeron 1.7 Gateway computer.


      I know a little about C: prompts and MS-DOS, but just enough to be dangerous. Even tried booting in to MS-DOS and running - C:\scorbot\scor2 (level 2 was the last working level) with many different settings. Nothing but "communication error".


      The last time it ran was off an ancient 486-based PC and the original cable was double ended D25.  This computer finally just died and school tech guy said it was toast.





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