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1023Re: [ScorbotUserGroup] Re: Arduino Control of Scorbot

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  • KM6VV
    Jan 4, 2014
      Yes, that's why you need multiple boards, I think. Three Uno boards
      w/motor shields, two motors per board/shield. You can tall to all of
      them at the same time, and request data from one board at a time, like
      the SSC-32 protocol.

      Alan KM6VV

      On 1/4/2014 2:23 PM, Walker Archer wrote:
      > I see what you're saying now. I very much underestimated the number of
      > ports I'm going to need. The L298N board needs one PWM port for the
      > enable pin and two digital ports for the input pins. So 3 ports per
      > motor... a total of 15 ports just for the motors. That almost leaves
      > nothing left to read the limit switches and encoders. I'll have to
      > build this with a Mega.
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      > You can use Pololulu PWM bridges to drive each motor, or a shield.
      > Maybe get two motors per UNO? There are two interrupt lines, you might
      > be able to get by with a single interrupt line per encoder. Add a
      > little logic to "OR" the lines and get an edge, and read two bits from
      > each encoder. Motor controller board takes a few lines.
      > Alan KM6VV
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