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789Forecast for the industry

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  • Donnette Cowgill
    Mar 6, 2009
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      Good day, everyone.

      I was a scopist 15 or so years ago (StenoCAT), but never took a course, thus not a note reader. I am now fulltime transcriptionist. My biz is taking a terrible beating in this economy, much because production companies were a large part of my biz (doing in-house training films) and this has definitely been put on back burner. I am thinking of maybe going back into scoping, but know I could make more $$ if I could read steno. I scoped to tape and could only scope about 25 pages an hour (for a good reporter).

      So, I'm coming to the best of the best for advice. I see some have recommended Scoping Made Affordable. Is it the best? When I was scoping, software was very proprietary. I could only work for StenoCAT reporters. Has that changed? Which software do you recommend? How is this industry doing in the current economy?

      Just testing the water.

      Donnette Cowgill