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764Scoping Conference Call - January 6th

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  • Devon Roberts
    Jan 3, 2009
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      If you haven't visited Joyful Scoping recently, you may want to know
      that another conference call discussing scoping, the process, will
      be Tuesday evening, January 6th at 6:30 p.m. CST.

      This has been a great discussion and scopists have really enjoyed
      hearing and exchanging ideas along the way!!

      Check the information out at www.joyfulscoping.com and go to the
      Conference Calls page. The January/February schedule is now
      Because of the interest in these conference calls, I have also put
      a bundle price together so that you can attend four calls for a lower
      rate. Topics include: Taxes, word issues, hyperkeys/shortcuts, and
      many more.

      A scoping intern program has also begun and Scoping Made Affordable
      (SMA) is getting a lot of inquiries for this because SMA is the only
      training program which provides this.

      The scoping exam is also ready and will now be required of all Joyful
      Leads subscribers to pass. If a scopist does not pass the exam,
      there will be additional training materials available to them at a
      significantly reduced price to bring them up to the level of a
      quality trained scopist.

      Please join me in making 2009 the year scopists are recognized for
      their quality services for court reporters.

      Happy New Year!!

      Ms. Devon Roberts