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333StenoWatchdog is Launched!

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  • simplysteno
    Oct 9, 2007
      Hey all!

      I'm very happy to announce the launch of my new website,
      www.StenoWatchdog.com! After years of hearing students, scopists and
      reporters ask, "Has anyone ever used (fill in the blank)...before?"
      I've decided to launch a review website for all items and services
      that relate to court reporting. And it's a FREE site to use.
      Members will be able to log in and leave reviews for the items and
      services they are familiar with.

      So what's listed? Right now, about 600 things! 64 books – 8
      theories – 41 steno machine – 86 schools and programs – 23 practice
      tools – and so much more! I suggest pressing the "ALL" button and
      going down the list – reviewing what you know. We still have about
      150 items to add.

      This website ONLY works if you take part by leaving reviews.
      You get to place a written review and a number review from 1 to 5.
      By leaving a review, you are helping the people who are in the same
      boat as you. You'd want them to do that for you, right?

      If you have a StenoLife.com account, and you created your
      StenoLife account before October 1st, you are already in the
      www.StenoWatchdog.com system. No need to create a new account – just
      log in with your StenoLife info : )

      Together, I think we can make this a must-visit website for the
      entire court reporting community. I look forward to hearing your
      feedback and seeing those reviews.

      Marc Greenberg - StenoLife

      PSS – It's a new website, so you may encounter a bug or two. Just
      let me know if that's the case.