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315Re: [ScopingBuddies] Best e-mail for WildBlue

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  • LetsScope@aol.com
    Aug 5 4:52 PM
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      Hi, Sheena or whoever is listening,
      We just got WildBlue last Friday, but we're still learning about the e-mail that they have there.  I sent two jobs today through their e-mail, but it never got to the CR, so I had to sign in and send it through AOL anyway.  I don't know what is going on.  Why would my mail not be delivered, and I've also been testing regular e-mail with them and they received it just fine?  Only when there's an attachment does it not get to them.  Otherwise this thing is as fast as lightning to us.
      Next, I need to know the best place to send e-mail to the CRs.  I put "high priority" and still never got there.  We personally use AVG anti-virus software that we have purchased, which is supposed to be the best.  My husband has been trying to troubleshoot it all and still can't figure out nothing on wildblue e-mail.

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