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1338Case CATalyst CR needs a proofreader....

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  • afinalword2000
    Jul 31, 2013
      AOL Email
      My CR wants a proofreader, but she's extremely particular.  Nothing can be missed at all.  She's wonderful to work for, pays on time, but she prides herself in her work and does not want any mistakes.  She's on Case CATalyst and would like the proofreader to proof in Case, not Word with an errata, etc. 
      Email me if you're interested, how long you've been proofing for, and I'll pass your name along.  If she wants references, she can ask you about all of that.  :)
      Thank you!

      Alicia S. Contic, CP
      Legal Scopist & Paralegal
      101 Security Clearance
      Case CATalyst 14
      d/b/a The Final Word - Established 1996
      724.832.0800 (business/fax)
      724.832.7655 (home)
      724.961.5902 (cell) 

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