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  • Anita Armas
    Apr 7, 2010

      I was just catching up on my emails...I have to agree with Alicia, the rates do seem to vary quite a bit.  Donnette, you stated your base rates are $225/audio hour or $4.20 per page, are you AAERT certified?  I guess what I am asking is what experience or background do you have that qualifies you to charge those rates?  I hope my question is not coming across in a wrong way.  I am truly curious, I have been doing transcription now for over a year and have finally begun to get more legal transcription work and the most I’ve charged per page on a 25 line per page transcript is $2.00 based on my experience.  I am hoping to become AAERT certified this year which will also allow me to bump up my pricing.  Again, I am aware that rates vary but I just want to know why.



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      Thanks, Donnette. Seems to vary a little with rates. I'm not that familiar with the transcription end of things. Although I do remember a long time ago working on a job a local CR sent my way, and I hated it. I undercharged, and it took FOREVER to do. I even had another scopist helping me out on it. Live and learn. :)

      Thanks again,
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      > My base rates are $225/audio hour or $4.20/page (for court reporters or
      anyone who wants 25 lines/pg, New Courier font). I surcharge for rush (except really good clients). Don't surcharge for bad audio or multiple speakers like I should.
      > Hope that helps.
      > Donnette
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      > > Anyone have a rate they charge for transcription? ?? I've got a
      > > recording and a 40-minute recording?
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